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Online Store for World of Warcraft Players

WoWGoldFirm is the online store dedicated to provide virtual products/services for worldwide World of Warcraft players. Our products include game gold, power leveling, CD Key, Account and other services. Competitive prices and friendly service keep large number of MMO players continues coming back to purchase. Growing into the best MMO online store is our destination, thus we are making efforts to slash down the prices and enhance our service always. We strive to combine WoW service execution with low price gold offering to create superior in-game experience for our customers.
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We are not only selling here, but also offers the tips to buy World of Warcraft gold cheap. As you known, there are too many gold seller in the marketing. Some of them even not a really wholesaler. Instead of, they are only marketing guru who are good at copy writing, marketing etc. Would you like to buy from those types of merchants?

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Certainly, we are your #1 shortcuts of gold sources for World of Warcraft. It's really simple and cheap to get gold from WOW. We gather the gold from other World of Warcraft players and professional farmers on your behalf. Keep in mind the team behinds WGF join the game since 2001! We keep passions and have the enough genius to maximize your experiences in the game.

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Till the writing(April 14th, 2011), wowgoldfirm delivered 128,480,583 gold to WoW players in the last 4 years. We are really proud. The customers are our motive power, and will continue to offer the cheapest gold for our customers' characters in World of Warcraft.


Which payment methods do you accept?

Five methods are acceptable at But we prefer PayPal as our online payment method for small to medium purchases on our site. Please be aware that your PayPal account being verified and your delivery/contact information being confirmed is up to date. This will speed up the verification and delivery of your order. For larger orders, we advise you pay via Western Union. Of course, Google checkout, Credit Card and Moneybookers are also accepted as payment methods.

How do you stay the cheap price for WoW service? owns a large professional team of full time employees who are all veteran WoW players with at least 3 years' experience at this position. They take the task to search the newest and fastest way to get WoW Gold and level up WoW characters. The Warcraft Gold we provide is handmade, without rots, macros or cheats. At the same, we keep close touch with the market and continuously offer the lowest prices.

Will my account get banned if I buy WoW gold from you?

No. We have never been informed of any account bans of WoWGoldFirm customers due to their dealings with us. We are a reputable company that does not engage in cheating, exploiting or phishing. We are proud of our company’s reputation and we will continue offering a safe, quality service to our customers, whilst combating scammers and fraudsters in MMORPGs.

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